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Integration Management for IT Compliance

Integration management – how to operate IT Systems and processes across borders and continents?

In our increasingly globalised world, the challenge that business processes and IT systems spanning multiple countries, cultures and continents must be operated and controlled is not just limited to multinational corporations. Small and medium sized enterprises must also face this challenge. Large corporations have a long tradition in this area; for many SMEs, this remains relatively new territory. read more...


CSV, ITIL, Cobit, EuroSOX - contradictory, duplicate effort or beneficial?

Product safety, process safety, safety of operations - which other terms can be used to derive the requirements for CSV/GMP-, ITIL/Cobit- or EuroSOX (SOX) compliance? The IT department of a regulated company is faced with demands for reliability, data security, process safety, protection of business operations and so on from various sides. How are these implemented in the scope of your corporate IT governance? read more...


IT trends and cGxP compliance?

This is aggravated by the wide variety of applications and platforms. The current issues, such as Web2.0, Cloud Computing, BYOD (bring-your-own-device), BIG-DATA, industrial 4.0, mobile computing, etc., increase the diversity even further. In the field of IT security, new areas of responsibility for corporate IT are emerging both internally and externally.

  • Interface and process management must converge here.
  • Integration also means harmonisation and standardisation. That's because diversity must remain manageable.
  • If there is a lack of expertise or manpower, IT interim management can help in continuing to develop and maintain appropriate concepts and strategies.



Our team of experienced, former IT managers from the pharmaceutical industry, and project managers / employees with many years of experience will approach these questions and tasks with you. We don't know any better than you, but we have different ideas, since we are familiar with many projects and clients.


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