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Integration management - how to operate IT systems and processes across borders and continents?

In our increasingly globalised world, the challenge that business processes and IT systems spanning over multiple countries, cultures and continents must be operated and controlled is not just limited to multinational corporations. Small and medium enterprises must also face this challenge. Large corporations have a long tradition in this area; for many SMEs, this remains relatively new territory.

Extended workbench in the Far East?
In recent years, many businesses have established manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe or in Asia. The consequences are language and cultural challenges, while quality philosophies and mentalities are commonly in conflict. Above all, the deployed business processes and systems must be networked and integrated.

Sound familiar?
Due to local laws and statutory financial provisions, your proprietary computer system cannot be used abroad. The cost of adaptation seems rather high; therefore, country-specific software is purchased locally. Even if your ERP software provides a country-specific edition, regional characteristics must be observed, and you cannot be certain whether the country-specific version is supported by your own set-up in a valid manner.

How do you transfer the data: Updates of master data and bills of material (receipts), return of inventory and financial data? Sales processes in the foreign country are commonly very different. How about forecast and order data?

Integration management is the answer
Managing this complex situation requires close cooperation in respect of the necessary business processes, actors, information and goods flows between the two parties. On this foundation, data models can be built in logical and physical terms. However, integration goes even further in mapping the emotional and human aspects.

The Chemgineering Business Designers were able to build experience in many countries, and are in a position to act as project manager, process designer and mediator. On the basis of business process excellence, as well as IT and regulatory expertise, we will help you to be successful in distant countries. Do you want to know how? ...Ask us!


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