Management Consulting

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Simple. Structured. Successful!
Our mission  –  enhancing your profit situation

  • Increased transperancy in strategic aim settings and operational processes
  • Improved flexibility in the day-to-day business to satisfy your customers
  • Reduced costs to establish your long-term competitive position



Process Optimization

Which path is the ideal one between A and B in a regulated environment?
How to find the optimal balance between cycle time and unit costs in my process?

Process cost optimization will answer these questions and identify the best solution.


Organizational Development

My processes have developed further and are tailored towards the customer expectations.
Does my personell structure comply with the credo «form follows function»?

We create a flexible and slim organisation for your processes in collaboration with you.


Target Costing

Which strategy to use when expanding ?
What are the key cost drivers in my process?
Should I commercialize technology A or B? How to budget my new research group?

We support you during strategic decisions by providing value-added analyses.


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