Guide for Applicants

Letter of application
Even though the wording of your application letter is the most difficult part of your application, take enough time over this. After all, the one to two-page cover letter is our first impression of you.

Use the cover letter to briefly introduce yourself and your professional career. You may also provide a short description of your strengths and qualifications here. If you then also explain the reasons for your application to Chemgineering and your interest in the specific position, you will have successfully overcome the first hurdle.


Curriculum Vitae
Once you have aroused our interest through your letter of application, we are naturally more curious about your CV. This qualification profile should include your individual career steps and of course factually support your cover letter. Depending on your professional experience, you may focus on your school or university education, internships or previous work experience. Naturally, details of the respective periods of activity are also required. We would also appreciate it if you would describe the relevant stages of your professional career through some brief bullet points (activity content).


Employment references, diplomas and other certificates

Now you're almost done. The final part of your application documentation concerns your employment references and certificates. By means of these documents, you can furnish evidence of your professional career and we are able to gain a detailed impression of your experience. Depending on your professional experience, we are particularly interested in your most recent employment references or internship certificates. Young professionals just starting their careers and applicants with little practical work experience should also enclose their school-leaving certificate. If you have participated in special training in the past, please add the relevant supporting documentation to your application.


You are done! Your application documents are now ready. Please quote the job title and send these by e-mail to:

Please only use common file formats (preferably .pdf) and merge the individual documents into a maximum of three files.


Application sent successfully
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