School-leavers and students

School-leavers and students

Graduation as good as in your pocket? Do your theoretical studies lack the practical reference? Chemgineering is anything but boring!

Chemgineering offers dedicated graduates the opportunity to complete an integrated vocational course of studies, in cooperation with DHBW Lörrach and Bautzen University of Cooperative Education. Within three years, in alternating phases of theory and practice you will have the opportunity to combine a theoretical course of study with practical training. Hence not only do you learn important principles, from the outset you also get to apply these directly in practice. Following this course of studies, you are in a position to start as a project engineer or junior consultant at Chemgineering.


For students of process engineering, pharmaceutical engineering or related disciplines, Chemgineering offers the opportunity to complete an internship or practical semester. As an integral member of a project team you will be involved in practical activity from day one. This gives you a unique opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice while becoming acquainted with the work of one of the most prestigious engineering service providers.


Students who are close to graduation and want to add some extra weight to their CV also have the opportunity to write their bachelor’s or master's thesis at Chemgineering. Talk to us about this and we will check if we can assist you with this work.


Curious? You can find current advertisements under job opportunities!

If the right opportunity for you is not there, then simply contact us by e-mail: We will then consider your assignment possibilities and give you timely feedback.

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