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The Business Designers

Our Services for the Life Sciences Industry

Service Portfolio in Detail

The Technology Designers

Our Services for the Life Sciences Industry


High Purity Media

Design of production facilities for a highly regulated market

API Synthesis


Validation of ERP Systems

Electronic Records and Signatures

Cleanroom Technology


Converting control system S5 to control system S7

Highly Potent Pharmaceuticals

In-house Training

Finished Pharmaceutical Production: Solid Forms

Biopharmaceutical Process Engineering

Maintenance (german)

Production and Distribution Logistics

Finished Pharmaceutical Production: Sterile Forms

Cleaning Validation

Business Process Management


Laboratory Solutions – Functionality and Flexibility


Compliance in the medical technology sector

Reduce risk for medical device manufacturers

Construction Management

Efficient IT for Regulated Companies

Environmentally friendly infrastructure plants: the bill works out even

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Project Management (german)

Clean Room Air-Conditioning (german)

Secure Track & Trace

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