Construction Site Logistics: At the Right Place at the Right Time

The puzzle...

A construction site is like an anthill – seemingly confusing and yet everyone knows exactly what he has to do. From the excavation pit arises – surrounded by cranes, lifting devices and scaffolding – the structure of a new building, still without facade and windows, but we already sense how complex the entity that is growing here will be.

... reveals a picture.

The more concrete the form of the building, the more difficult to get to the right place in the building with large and sometimes fragile equipment. This is just what construction site logistics ensures – so that the building’s hidden values are also taken care of.

The sketch ...

The flow of goods, personnel, and special transports cannot work without a construction site concept: the interfaces are too diverse, the requirements too contradictory. As the artist plans the sketch, the construction logistics team plans infrastructure and energy provision of the construction site, access to it, office, team and material containers, the traffic concept. It defines transport routes, loading zones and storage areas, determines special access possibilities for large machines and organizes the call-down of deliveries at a nearby buffer storage location or directly at the supplier’s.

... anticipates the picture.

This planning must stand the test on the construction site itself. Every construction site has different requirements, surprises are always possible. The better the basic concept, the less needs to be improvised, and the safer things are on the construction site. That not only improves accident statistics, but also shortens the building and assembly phase. So the picture adds up!

Tidy up with us!

Construction site logistics has the complexity of a construction site under control. We support you from the moment the deconstruction site is opened until the last containers are removed. Our Technology Designers know how. Ask us!

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