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Safety on the construction site: the building contractor is responsible

Flashing ambulance lights...

A worker is lying injured on the ground. A scaffold did not hold, a fence was missing. This image can cause any responsible building contractor sleepless hours, as he is responsible for safety on the construction site. And when the ambulance service is gone, that’s when the difficulties really begin.

... can have unpleasant consequences.

Details of how the accident occurred are clarified. The construction site stands idle. Time delays occur, the investigating authorities interrogate personnel at the site and responsible persons, looking for the parties at fault.

The law helps

Relevant legal texts say: “The employer must identify one person on each construction site who is responsible for on-the-job safety and health protection; this person can issue instructions in this regard to employees.”

People implement it

You achieve quite a lot with specialists well-trained in safety and protection on the construction site. The health and safety coordinator on the construction site takes care of safety training and supervising site security. So you can rest easy.

We have the specialists!

By deploying our experienced engineers and specialists with advanced training to health and safety co-ordinators in construction, you comply with legal regulations on safety and health protection during your building projects. Make use of our knowledge!

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