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Expediting: time and money saved

Keeping track ...

Expediting stands for the entirety of actions to monitor quality and progress during procurement and construction management.

... of the whole

As the link between project management, purchasing and suppliers from all trades, expediting focuses with the utmost care on monitoring dates in procurement, timely delivery, the execution of acceptance tests, as well as determining and rectifying deviations – from the moment something is ordered until it turns up at the construction site.

Timing securely under control

In the interest of the overall project, expediting accompanies both the delivery of the required documents and equally the as-produced and as-received condition of any type of equipment and bulk material ordered. In so doing, expediting supports construction management and project management in time and quality management with regard to a smooth start of operations.

Because time is money

Adhering to the targets makes it possible to reach our clients’ overall objectives, as the significance of time to market grows with increasing research and development costs. Expediting provides a decisive contribution to this.

And saving money is the order of the day

Expediting is thus not a nice-to-have but an absolute must in plant construction. Save money with our expediting specialists among the Technology Designers!

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