Construction supervision would not be enough ...

Construction management is the project management of the execution phase. Its core elements are construction and installation management, expediting, logistics and security as integrated components of a comprehensive management task.

... and yet it is important.

Construction and installation management coordinate execution and supervise compliance with planning guidelines, specifications, applicable regulations and generally recognized engineering rules. This includes the planning and coordination of deadlines and workflows, as well as the supervision and acceptance of building works, notices of defects, keeping daily construction records, auditing, communicating with suppliers and clients, and lastly preparing the as-built documentation as well as the handover and acceptance of the complete work.

Saving time and money is essential

Expediting focuses on milestones, quality and delivery reliability. It forms the connection between purchasing and suppliers, saves time and money, forestalls costly surprises in initial operation and compromising disappointments during authority inspections. Expediting is thus the consistent continuation of our planning and project management activity.

Construction site safety

Special attention needs to be paid to the safety of the construction workers, assembly staff and visitors to the construction site. Likewise, unauthorized persons should stay away from the site, which is dangerous for people who are untrained. Even though the responsibility for safety and security resides with the building contractor, construction management performs an important supporting and supervisory function.

You have come to the right place

With our experience from varied projects with to some extent very high requirements – from construction logistics to the quality of the qualification and validation documentation of the most varied suppliers – we are the right ones to meet your needs. In other words: we would be pleased to support you, from the big picture down to the nitty-gritty. You can rely on us!

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