Installation Supervision

Where to install?

Construction and installation management coordinate overall execution and supervise compliance with planning, specifications, applicable regulations and generally recognised engineering rules. In the process, planning and trouble-shooting go hand in hand. The prerequisite is proper construction site concepts and schedules. Keeping correct daily construction records and holding regular coordination meetings and consultations are daily business.

... and when?

Due to complicated logistics and the cramped space available at existing work areas, deadlines are sometimes scheduled down to 15-minute intervals and monitored at this level. Processes are specified and scheduled in detail. That defines when and where.

Are you sure?

But is the quality good? Once the objects are at the right place, assembly quality needs to be checked, acceptance by the client ensured, the rectification of defects organized and supervised. In addition, the invoices need to be verified and cleared.

Done now!

Once the quality is assured, it is essential to complete the project. In conclusion, the work is documented as-built on a property item, package or complete basis and transferred to the client.

You can count on it

Our specialist engineers from process, pipeline construction, building and process infrastructure, cleanroom, heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, electrical engineering and measurement, control and regulation technology are at your disposal. They are in the know, and they know what you want to know more about.

Contact our Construction Managers among the Technology Designers!

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