Project management phases protect investment

All structures are not created equal

The activities in project management differ substantially from those in engineering. Though, they are also broken down into project  management phases, namely project opening or order kick-off, project execution and project closing. These phases enable structured management of the entire project or individual project phases.

Communication supplements structure

During the project kick-off, many far-reaching decisions are made and recorded in a binding way in the project charter, the project structure plan, the workflow and schedule, the resource plan as well as the budget cost projection. Specification of the document flow and the document management, of the approval processes and also of a suitable communication and escalation structure help you confidently master a project, even with special challenges.

Implementation aims to conserve value

In project execution, it is important to keep the project under control using the criteria defined at the kick-off. Project management has a positive effect on achieving the objectives and maintaining the value of the investment by depicting project progress in a transparent way, carefully analyzing variances, proper monitoring of dates, observing change management and targeted corrective interventions.

Unconditional completion without ifs or buts

By definition, the project has a projected end. To ensure this is the case, the completed work is handed over to the contractor after defects have been rectified or their rectification has been scheduled. Final documentation is handed over for an acceptance certificate. A good project closing, such as we always strive for, comprises a review of the entire project, in which the client and project management reflect on the course of the project and all phases including highs and lows. That is because each project is unique – and all participants can always learn something new.

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