Project Management for You

Think - Lead - Act

Project management means the kind of leadership required to bring a complex and unique venture to success. Thinking is equal to engineering while acting encompasses the erection and construction phase. Thus, project management is clearly separated from the creative process and the execution of the project idea. Project management focusses on leading teams successfully to very ambitious goals.

Goal orientation ist crucial

Project goals get ever more challenging. High quality standards, complex boundary conditions, short time-to-market are typical characteristics of modern life sciences projects. Behind this is a lot of money at risk. To master the qualitative, monetary and temporal risks requires clear structures, thought through document handling, client oriented progress reporting - all in all the undivided attention of the project management.

Professionalism is a precondition

Transparency of progress is imperative, numerous interfaces are normal, unforeseen incidents just happen. The daily routine is never ever routine: Project management asks for professional tools, common sense, exact knowledge of the quality requirements, leadership and inprovisation skills - all at the same time.

Lead the entire process

Education, structured thinking, priority setting, proper self management, awareness for responsibilities, goal and client focus clearly distinguish the good project manager. Chemgineering cultivates these skills in project managers through accurate personnel selection, in-house training programs and elaborated personnel development programs.

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