We think beyond our business responsibilities.

As a GxP planner and consultant, compliance with standards is our daily business. In doing so, we never forget one very important standard, which deals with the effects of one's own entrepreneurial actions on people and the environment.

According to DIN ISO 26000, we assume responsibility in the following areas:

  • We contribute to the sustainable development of the business and try to support people’s health and well-being.
  • We keep the needs of future generations in mind
  • We also keep stakeholders’ expectations in mind
  • We observe national and international laws and regulations on interpersonal conduct
  • We communicate all of these principles in a transparent manner, both within and outside the organization

UN Global Compact

We support UN Global Compact. This is a call to action for investors, governments, companies and financial institutions to build a market for mainstream investment with regard to sustainable development goals.

EcoVadis CSR rating

Our environmental and social practices have been awarded the bronze medal by EcoVadis CSR Performance Monitoring.

Confidential reporting system

In this reporting system you can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct that can affect our company or the wellbeing of people.

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