Virtual Reality – The glasses for more planning security

Virtual Reality (VR) glasses not only make gamers' hearts beat faster, they have long since found their place in the industry. Find out how VR helps you precise plan buildings, work processes, and assets in your organization.

Can you still remember Captain Kirk, the commander of the spaceship Enterprise? Already in 1974 Kirk walked through virtual worlds in Star Trek and looked at foreign planets from all angles on his Holodeck.

"Virtual Reality" (VR) has long been state of the art today. The big advantage over Kirk Holodeck: The VR glasses has replaced the several hundred square meters for the holodeck and the spaceship. It allows complete visualization of planned building models and facilities in 3D.

Precise planning from the beginning

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) method will reinforce this trend and achieve a very high degree of detail already in early planning phases. Viewing the model information through Virtual Reality glasses is the logical next step and has been established at Chemgineering for years. Even before the foundation stone is laid on the construction site, "Virtual Reality" can make planning tangible and make buildings accessible. Thus, the use of Virtual Reality offers a unique planning advantage.

Today's VR glasses are easy to use and offer users the opportunity to adapt and optimize their planned building during the planning phase to meet the requirements of their use. In this way, unfavorable planning or misunderstandings can be recognized early on and resolved directly. To use Virtual Reality, neither specialized knowledge nor complex CAD software is necessary. The handling of VR technology is mastered by the vast majority of users within a few minutes.

Papier maché is yesterday

Until a few years ago, despite 3D planning, papier maché constructions were the method of choice to recreate projects as models and to check the accessibility of certain parts of buildings and facilities. Because constructing a complete system or building so that all machines, angles and equipment are easily accessible to employees and maintenance personnel is a highly complex process.

By using Virtual Reality you can playfully test a variety of variations and make them tangible - without papier maché. The use of hand controllers makes your own hands visible in the model. Buttons can be pressed, valves can be tested for operability and working heights can be tried out. The Design Review of the Future is already standard today.

Final documentation of the future

With the help of 360 ° Photography and Virtual Reality, hotels, museums and even entire cities have become virtually accessible. Greater visibility of the technology was also provided by Google Street View's camera vehicles, which were used to make Google Maps images in many parts of the world.

360 ° photography is also used in construction projects: At the end of a construction project, a complete tour of the construction project is created using state-of-the-art camera technology. The virtual tour can then be carried out with the Virtual Reality glasses from any location.

Information available everywhere

The technology brings with it yet another, substantial advantage: Through centralized modeling, important information can be called up at any time for all project participants. Whether on the construction site with a smart phone, on the go with the tablet or the virtual reality glasses in the office, the customers of Chemgineering are always close at hand with the planning and can thus communicate their wishes at any time, so that they can be included in the planning. Chemgineering uses state-of-the-art software for this and relies on constant further development.

Added value also for your customers

Would you like to use Virtual Reality on your corporate website? Or lead a new employee through endangered areas of your business? Maintenance staff can also be trained with Virtual Reality even before the building has to be entered.

A complete virtual reality tour with the help of 360 ° photography makes all these applications possible - even on your company website.


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