Commissioning of GMP plants

The commissioning of a process plant must be coordinated and organized across several disciplines. With the Site Acceptance Test (SAT), we check the correct operation and complete delivery of your system directly at the installation site.

Chemgineering defines the responsibilities and interfaces between the persons involved and the companies, defines workflows, information flow and approval processes, and in so doing ensures the smooth startup of your GMP plant.

Commissioning is one of the most critical phases in the life cycle of your plant. For this reason, all responsibilities are clearly laid out in a commissioning organizational chart and a systematic release process is kept to for work on the plant. A commissioning concept that is comprehensible to the operating personnel as well as an instruction and documentation of such instruction are all indispensable components.
For a systematic, neatly documented commissioning of your production plant, Chemgineering creates schedules that are accessible to all trades and easy to understand. Checklists also ensure the traceability of the individual steps as well as the quality of the commissioning. This is how we achieve an orderly handing over of your efficient, safe and GMP-compliant process plant.

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