Construction management

Ambitious schedules, sophisticated processes and overlapping construction phases are what characterize how industrial plants are constructed in the GxP-regulated environment. With careful planning and preparation of the assembly phases, nothing impedes the successful completion of a construction project.

Chemgineering coordinates the construction and assembly work of the different trades and checks whether the required work performance and quality is satisfactory.

Construction site safety

Building contractors are responsible for ensuring safety on a construction site. At each construction site, one individual must be assigned with the responsibility for occupational safety and health. With well-trained safety and health coordinators (SiGeKo for short), we ensure the safety of the processes on your construction site.

Building site logistics

Flow of goods, flow of personnel, special transports. Construction sites are complex environments, The construction of industrial plants in the Gxp-regulated area is also a complex undertaking. With forward-looking construction site logistics, we bring structure into this complexity and ensure the energy supply at the construction site, access to office, crew and material containers, the on-site traffic concept and transport routes.

Installation supervision

Because of the demanding logistics scenario as well as the limited space available on already existing industrial premises, deadlines are very tightly timed. Chemgineering coordinates the entire execution and monitors compliance with the planning, specifications and applicable regulations. All processes are specified and scheduled down to the finest details. If the objects are in the right place, we check the assembly quality, ensure acceptance by the customer, and coordinate and monitor the rectification of defects. After a quality assurance process, the work is documented and handed over either object-by-object, in packages or as a whole as-built.

Other topics

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