Interior fittings GMP production

Laboratory and GMP small scale production, clean room, highly potent API, development and production of peptides.

New Laboratory

Planning of standard labs, extension of an existing building with ongoing production to 2nd floor.

GMP-Upgrade Solids Production

GMP-Upgrade for a solid production extension of production capacity.

GMP-Compliant Production Site

Fermentation, downstream Processing, bulk filling and clean utilities, CIP / SIP, GMP-washer biosafety level 2 containment.

Rebuilding Vaccine Production Facility

Refurbishment of a facility for USP and DSP, for a cell-culture based vaccine production incl. adaptions of utilities, clean rooms HVAC, and chemical waste water in activation.

Modular Building

Fit-out of a modular Building with Modules for R&D, MAST, GMP cell culture and purification, fill & finish, utilities, and storage & logistics.

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