Chemgineering And INOSIM Bundle Their Efforts Especially For The French-Speaking Market

The Chemgineering Group is a global consulting and engineering company with a focus on pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemicals, food & beverages. The INOSIM Group is globally represented in the same market segments with leading products and services for process simulation/digital twin. Both companies announce a comprehensive cooperation in the French-speaking market.

While the Chemgineering Group is active primarily in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria with its GxP services, INOSIM has already established a foothold in the French market with its products and services for many years.

The joint expertise is now to be systematically expanded for the French-speaking market. Philipp Michel, project engineer and long-time INOSIM expert at Chemgineering, and Pierre Lee, Head of Global Sales at INOSIM, will coordinate the collaboration. The two French native speakers look forward to enriching the process industries in their home countries with state-of-the-art simulation technology and corresponding know-how.

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