Knowledge Management

As a GxP consulting and planning company, we always aim to be up to date with the latest knowledge in order to be able to advise our customers professionally. With the help of a knowledge management system, we ensure that up-to-date knowledge is generated, secured and shared and applied within the entire Chemgineering Group. In this way, our customers benefit from our many years of experience and the extensive GxP know-how of the entire Chemgineering Group.

Bernhard Binnwerk
Head of Knowledge Management
We bring our know-how from over 6000 successfully completed planning and GxP consulting projects to you.

The complex regulations of the highly regulated GxP sector are a challenge for our clients from the life science industries. Whether FDA, EU GMP guidelines and annexes or the Division of Drug Management and Policies of the World Health Organization (WHO). To find your way through the jungle of GMP requirements, you always have to be on the ball. In addition, there are new, digital planning methods such as BIM as well as ever new production methods and processes such as individual medicinal products (ATMPs). We can only offer our customers the best solution if we collect the experience from the many projects we carry out for our customers in a structured manner, update it regularly and make it available throughout the group.

For this purpose, a knowledge management organisation has been implemented in all Chemgineering subsidiaries and is managed and coordinated throughout the group as an integral part of quality management.

The experience and skills of our employees are therefore our most valuable asset. Each individual is responsible for updating their expertise and sharing best practice. Chemgineering invests in the knowledge of its employees by offering regular training opportunities and a systematic knowledge management infrastructure.

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