Project management

The highest quality demands, complex framework conditions and a short time to market. Modern life science projects are more demanding than ever.

Our specialists are a well-versed team that ensures that your project is completed within a specified cost and time frame and with the agreed quality. Our organization is flexible enough to respond to your specific needs and adjust its processes accordingly. We are open to cooperation with your suppliers and subcontractors, and can provide professional advice if you have not yet been successful in finding the right partner.

Markus Sauer
Global Head Project Delivery
To make sure that planning does not transform into a balancing act between project and day-to-day business, we bring you our know-how from over 6000 successfully completed projects.

Transparency from start to finish

In the kick-off meeting we define the general conditions for our project and document them in the project manual. To ensure smooth communication right from the very onset, you have a single point of contact who coordinates closely with you throughout the entire project and who will assist you until the final project presentation.

Everything in sight. With structured scheduling

Work packages, tasks, resources, milestones. By documenting not just the planning elements, but also their relationships with one another, we get a complete networking of all the elements. Because of this, we not only focus on individual changes, but also on their consequences for the entire project.

In the right place, and at the right time. Professional expediting

Machines for the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the field of pharmaceutical finishing (forming, filling, packaging), are purchased as a package unit, i.e. as a package. This must then be integrated into the overall system at the manufacturer. We coordinate your suppliers with professional expediting and a structured procurement process. With the help of on-site appointments and intensive support from order to delivery, we ensure that all required system parts are delivered to the construction site at the right time, in the required quality and cost-effectively.

How to make your GMP project a success:

  • Clear project and target objectives that are discussed with all project participants during the kick-off meeting
  • A fair, clear and balanced project contract
  • Clearly defined responsibilities on the part of the customer and chemgineering
  • Consistent controlling for costs, deadlines and quality


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